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Do you want to emerge through the power of radio ?


Radio is a media anchored in the daily life of the French: 73% of French people listen to the radio every day with an average listening time of 2 hours, despite an erosion in 2020.

Out-of-home radio listening accounts for 42% of the total listening, 73% for the under 35s.

Radio audience complements TV according to day part. Radio is the leading medium between 6am and 9am, with 25.5 million French people listening, while TV is the leading medium from 6.30pm.

Makuity supports you in your strategy, recommending the radio plan that will highlight your commercials.

While live radio remains the mainstay of audio, nearly 41% of French people listen for digital audio (web radio, native podcasts, and music streaming) every day

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Given the behaviour evolution on this medium, we recommend to integrate digital audio to reach the youngest and to improve the radio campaign effectiveness in terms of memorization, recognition, or ad likability. We therefore recommend completing the radio campaign with a campaign on streaming platforms, with a pre-roll within podcasts.

Digital audio is younger target audience oriented. Live radio listeners average age is 47 years, whereas it is 39 for music streaming and 35 for native podcasts.

Native podcasts have highly increased in 2020: + 48% in terms of monthly listeners: 1 in 10 internet users now listen to native podcasts. A very young audience with 60% under 35 years old.

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Take advantage of radio strengths to develop your business, thanks to a qualitative, optimised, and cost-efficient campaign !


Radio allows to accelerate point of sale traffic but also to boosts websites and applications traffic. As a mass media, radio can also boost awareness by multiplying your advertising spots.

Radio is a very good complement to TV in terms of effectiveness. Radio will capitalise on the TV Commercial to increase listeners memorization and improve TV campaign effects at a lower cost.

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Building and optimising radio campaigns at Makuity is carried out using Atelier Radio our media planning tool. Beforehand, we analyse radio market against your target audience using Mediamétrie research.

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In addition to radio media buying, Makuity’s experts build campaigns that meet your objectives and budget. We can implement different strategies to take advantage of radio advertising…

Classic national radio campaigns tailored to the target audience and your issues. Radio station mix, spot length selection, media planning

– Radio offer richness allows to communicate locally with great flexibility: 130 local stations, national music stations with local coverage,

and regional stations of France Bleu network.

– The creation of an original native podcast to highlight your various advertising messages within a specific content listened to by your target audience, broadcasted on all platforms.

– Implement a tactical special operation in a specific radio station to build a highly integrated campaign.

– Work on brand awareness and value transfer using sponsorship.

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Emerge being present in radio key peaks of audience.


Capitalise on value transfer between the programme and your brand.

Native podcast

Capitalise on the involvement of the listener in search of specific content.

Local & Multi-city

Geolocate your radio campaign to limit wastage of your advertising message.


Complete your radio plan.

Special operations

Capture the attention of your audience through a brand content strategy.