Gérard Kisler is personally involved in client management, and this guarantees the quality of the services and the respect of the objectives, specifically in the world of medium-sized media budgets where experience is the key to success.
Isabelle is driven by a very strong culture of results and performance. She places great emphasis on pedagogy and exchanges, with the sole objective of getting the best out of everyone. Her sense of repartee, her humour and her hyperactivity make Isabelle a reactive and appreciated interlocutor.
Caroline masters the workings of global communication and knows how to transform them into a real strategic asset. With her ability to exploit data, adapt to multiple projects and open-mindedness, Caroline will challenge your vision of the media.
Anne has a remarkable capacity to adapt, which added to her natural curiosity, allows her to be effective in any circumstance, by proposing customized devices.
Catherine has a wealth of experience in the cultural sector. Her eloquence and her eternal optimism make her a dynamic interlocutor who knows how to make innovative proposals.
Alexandra has a great sense of initiative, analysis, and synthesis, which makes her an unparalleled interlocutor. She will be able to find relevant, innovative, and creative media solutions that are essential to make your message emerge
Cécile, with her analytical mind, will provide you the most efficient mix of digital drivers and will daily optimise your online campaigns. Her rich experience as a project manager and marketing consultant allow her to be the perfect partner for your digital strategies.
Manon, is a very curious person, always keeps update with latest news in the media market. As she belongs to the Z generation, she is very great to propose original campaigns. Helped by her overseas experiences, she has relevant skills for international budgets.