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Media buying is the keystone of your media strategy


The right targeting, the right media planning and the right creative won’t help you achieve your marketing objectives without a good media buying strategy.

Our media experts are outstanding negotiators, who strive daily to offer you the best rates while maintaining your media plan performance. Our aim is to optimise your budget as much as possible.

Media buying should not be a financial burden for your company but a growth lever for your business!

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Media market is as vast as it is complex

Within each media, there are multiple levers whose activation differs according to the issues to be addressed.

For our clients’ media buying to be effective, it is therefore essential that our staff are specialists in their media.

Concentrating their expertise allows them to be fully aware of the latest news and innovations in the specific market in which they operate.  This way, our experts will be able to offer you the most relevant recommendations.

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Let’s take the example of  TV buying, which is made up of classic space buying, sponsorship and, more recently, addressable TV buying. These 3 TV levers are bought in 3 completely different ways:

  • Classic space is based on the selection of the most relevant TV breaks using Popcorn, the reference tool in France, with a spot list that evolves during your TV campaign optimisation.
  • Sponsorship is based on the performance of the selected programme against your target audience
  • Addressable TV is bought on a CPM basis, like other Digital Media

If we take digital, there are multiple media (programmatic, SEA and social networks) which each system of buying requires different expertise.

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Makuity is a media agency specialising in media buying, for all media available on the market. Through the campaigns carried out by our senior teams, we have built up a fine-tuned cost benchmark that help us to build the best media buying strategy recommendation.

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Our tools Fill-14

Our teams use the best tools available on the market to optimise your media investment. We create your campaign, and we adapt the media buy using specific software in which the associated rates and performances are regularly updated.

  • Popcorn
  • Google Parnet
  • Adform
  • JFC

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