Why is more interesting to call on a media agency ? Fill-14

All brands and companies are wondering if it's more interesting to insource media buying rather than entrust it to an agency. In this article, we provide the fundamental points which help you to choose the buying strategy to adopt...

All brands and companies are wondering if it’s more interesting to insource media buying rather than entrust it to an agency


There are several questions at this stage of the business strategy :

  • Do we have available knowledges, workforce and material capacities ? 
  • Do we have time ?
  • Is it more financially beneficial to delegate our media buying strategy ? 
  • Should we ask help to an agency media, a communication agency, advertising agency or a creative agency ?

We will attempt to answer this questions, and we will focus on the role of the media agencies. These don’t always work with the brands as they are partners with communication agencies, advertising agencies or creative agencies. Indeed, these last ones coordonate, often, the whole communication budget of their clients. An you will very quickly why ?

So, why you should call on a media agency ?


An agency media is specialized in the consulting and media buying: they provide, most of them, both consulting for building the strategy and  the buying !

It exists 2 types of  media agencies : the international groups and independent organisation.

  1. The large agencies, the most well-known: Publicis, Dentsu, Havas, Interpublic  and Omnicom,  are organised and  divided by agency, business unit, media expertise unit and  finally per job. You can understand easily, entrust your media buying strategy to a large agency means that many people work on your media strategy. Each one is in charge of a specific part of your media strategy. Therefore, consulting, buying for each media are managed by different persons, with  whom you won’t have certainly no contact.
  2. Working with an independent media agency like Makuity, you will meet all the collaborators involved in your media project. A senior expert will  be named to be your main interlocutor. She/He will be in charge of  plurimedia consulting, buying of one or several media of your strategy.   We favour the made-to-measure service and proximity, which are the fondation of a healthy and long term relationship. 


Our  clients are pampered, take advantage of a made-to-measure  treatment and happy to work with our Makuiteam  !

6 good reasons to work with our Makuiteam


  1. Our bargaining power : our priority is to optimise your budget, and it depends on the price you pay for your media buying. We strive to provide you an efficient ratio spend vs performances on your target cible.
  2. Our  senior expertise on online and offline media : our collaborators are specialists of their media, with whom they have been working  for many years. They have been earning pragmatism and following regularly trainings.
  3. Our use of the best tool of the market :  concrete data is the 2nd essential ingredient to build a good media strategy. That’s the reason why we are equipped with the reference tools required to buy media space (Popcorn, Atelier Internet, UàG, …) and also to analyse the target groups behaviors and the competition market (Adexpress, Medialand, Similarweb, Statistas…).
  4. Our  savoir-faire confirmed by our high rate of our client royalty: nearly 8 out of our 10 clients have been working with us for more than 5 years.
  5. Our agency is distinguished by its cohesived team and the highlighting of the skills of each team member. We favour the multidisciplinary experience, the self-reliance and the responsability of all the colloborators.
  6. The satisfaction of our partners. Our teams are daily linked with the advertising sales houses and media partners, which allow them to be the first one on the current news media and to be a force for bringing forward proposals to the brands.