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Select OOH and DOOH advertising to achieve your image, awareness, and traffic objectives !


Out-of-home advertising is a mass medium that allows to cover a strategic territory, more or less extensive, according to the stakes of a company or brand. OOH is a key media for many advertisers with brand awareness issues or traffic objectives whether on website or point of sales. In recent years, OOH media buying has undergone numerous upheavals following new local directives (abolition of OOH and DOOH in city centres and town entrances) and technological innovations (programmatic, Drive to Store, social media content relay, etc.).

For the environment, we systematically offer our clients the option of printing on recycled paper and using vegetable-based inks.

Gérard Kisler, CEO of  Makuity

A multi format media Fill-14

OOH offers the advantage of a wide range of advertising formats, which can be found both outdoors, in transport, shopping centres and shop windows, and in professional offices.

Thanks to their pragmatism and their proactivity, our staff will recommend the OOH and/or DOOH strategy that will effectively meet your communication needs, while optimising your budget : 

  • Street furniture (2m2 and 8m2 posters) as well as buses have an excellent coverage in city centres. Train stations and metro stations (corridors, digital, OPS) are high-traffic locations, cost efficient and with high frequency rates over 7 days.
  • Outside Paris, DOOH in transport and city centres can deliver dynamic content with minimum 10 seconds spots. This advertising format captures the attention of passers-by. With the Grenelle de l’Environnement laws, some large cities such as Paris and Grenoble have banned DOOH in their streets.
  • We can also buy OOH/DOOH programmatic campaigns in the same way as digital using auction buying. An innovation that in the future will make it possible to automatically build networks specific to a target audience according to socio-demographic and geolocated criteria.

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Media synergies

OOH allows to follow the path of your target audience; from the moment they leave home. Our expert teams recommend to complete OOH with a second media:

– Digital and radio are excellent media to boost the traffic generated by OOH

– TV will generate incremental coverage and increase brand memorization. According to your budget level…

Proximity strategy

A true ally of local strategies, OOH allow to be as close as possible to your geolocated target. It has the advantage of avoiding advertising wastage expenditure, concentrating within your catchment area.  Moreover, you can adapt and geolocate your advertising message (posters with address transfer) within a national or multi-city campaign.

Our tools Fill-14

The OOH landscape is so vast, diverse, and ever-changing that it's almost impossible to plan only based on OOH sales houses offer. Makuity uses UàG, one of the best tools on the market for national and local OOH/DOOH networks referencing. With this tool, our team recommends the most relevant networks in your communication area, measure their performance, and identify the location of each panel. We also use Kantar's TGI survey to identify the travel behaviour of your audience.

  • UàG
  • TGI
  • Kantar

What are OOH advantages ? Fill-14

9 out of 10 French people

are exposed to OOH/DOOH every week.

Among the strategic target audiences, students and ABC1 working people who are respectively

  • 7 out of 10 are moderately or highly exposed to OOH (based on the volume of contacts) with an index 118 and index 115 respectively
  • 3 out of 10 visit city centres several times a week, (index 122 and 121)
  • 54% (index 168) and 36% (index 111) declare they use public transports as often or more often than before the Covid pandemic.

Source: TGI R2 2020

Our offer Fill-14

Street furniture

Increase your visibility inside the city centres, commercial and cultural places. commerciales et culturelles.

Subway & Railway station

Capitalize on the high traffics places, to optmize as much as possible your budget.


Broadcast your ad on billboards implanted in city centres, transports and malls.

Drive To Store

Evaluate your impact's OOH/DOOH campaigns by using the analysis of the incremental traffic in your points of sale.

Long term OOH/DOOH

Garantuee of your visibility in a long-term priod near your point of sale.

Programmatic DOOH

Select the DOOH billboards in function of your socio-demo target group and its geolocation.

Special operations

Increase your campaign's impact by using OOH/DOOH event.

Social back-up

Broadcast content of social networks to catch the attention and multiply the points of contacts against your target.