The fundamentals Fill-14

The rise of digital and the constant evolution of technology have changed the strategic vision of companies and institutions

The basic issues are the same, but the evaluation of results is more complex and requires data analysis, performance, and attribution tools. It is now possible to trace the source of a click and the factors that led to the conversion of a visit.

Our agency can analyse the conversion funnel for you

Our experts identify and optimise each lever (devices, creatives, broadcast context, media, etc.) that will have the highest impact on your Drive to Web traffic, lead generation and the amount of the average basket!

With the pandemic, the online economy exploded: 112 billion euros generated in 2020 by e-commerce, i.e. +8.5% vs 2019.

From Test and Learn to Efficiency Fill-14

Your media strategy effectiveness is 80% based on the knowledge of your target audience and its behaviour when exposed to your campaign.

With +3% in 2020, Digital is the only medium where advertising investments have increased. It represents 50% of total media advertising investment in this particular year, punctuated by a series of local and national lock downs.

The successive lock-down accelerated the economic and media digital mutation: Initially physical shops have turned to e-commerce, OOH stopping, and its investment transferred to digital campaigns…).

⇒ Whether you are a restaurant owner, a retailer, a public institution, or a tour operator, digital is becoming the major field of your communication.

Which levers for your KPIs ? Fill-14

With this in mind, it is essential for each advertiser to identify the levers that will generate the best results according to their KPI’s! Our experts are equipped with the best tools on the market to activate our Test and Learn strategy in real time !

Measuring performance and attribution encompass several measures…

Drive-To-Web & Drive-To-Store analysis Fill-14

Based on our Drive to Web expertise and our technology partner, TVTY, we can help you to measure your TV campaigns ROI.

Your TV plan is daily optimised according to the results measured on your website. The choice of the copy, the channel and the ad break time are the key parameters of a communication that effectively meets your ROI objectives.

We can also evaluate the impact of your OOH and DOOH campaign on the traffic to your points of sale (Drive TO Store) and websites.

Data analysis and attribution model Fill-14

Online communication challenge does not rely on brand awareness but on the effectiveness of your visibility. Our digital teams develop data-driven strategies for you: our real-time analysis identifies the creatives, formats, and channels (devices, levers) involved in the conversion process.

Measure of awareness Fill-14

You would like to measure the impact of your campaign on your  brand awareness? Makuity brings you more than media consulting and media buying. In order to identify the awareness level (post-test) made by your media spend. We work with different survey institutes. We select the perfect partner for your needs. 

Our tools Fill-14

Measuring performance and brand attribution are become crucial steps for success of a 360 campaign. To reach your objectives of performances, based on KPIs of visibility and conversions, we have selected to work with reputed actors in the market. These survey institutes give complete ppost-tests.

  • Adform
  • Kantar