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Do you want to increase your visibility against your target audience ?


Originally created in a university setting to keep in touch, social networks have quickly become fully-fledged marketplaces. The place to be for brands and institutions. Real pools of connections, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and, today, Tik Tok generate billions of visits and clicks every day. Social networks are an excellent media to build reach and to emerge amongst your BtoC and BtoB targets. 


76% of French people are active on social networks in France, with an average of 1 hour 41 minutes of connection per day.

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Makuity was quick to embrace social media by becoming a social media agency based in Paris. With more than 900 social networks campaigns conducted on average each year, Makuity has built up a real expertise on the various social platforms.

Thanks to the power of reach and the finesse of data (data logging), social networks are a must: branding campaigns to increase your visibility and awareness, or performance marketing campaigns to increase traffic on your website or e-commerce sales.

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Do you have any questions about the strategy you have to adopt on social media?

Which social media strategy? Which period? Which target audience for which social platform? Which format for which KPIs?

These are all the questions that Makuity can answer and support you with.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and now Tok-tok, are real amplifiers for your campaigns. Makuity, a social media agency, can help you activate your paid campaigns.

Our agency does everything possible to exceed your objectives. We guarantee a tailor-made support on each social media platform.

From a year-round campaign to an ultra-geolocated campaign, calling on Makuity to manage your activations on the various social platforms is the guarantee of a real social media strategy. From the choice of platform to the daily optimisation to reach your KPIs.



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Take advantage of the strengths of a social media strategy by choosing to entrust your budget to our agency !


Social networks are platforms that allow to test your creative against your target audience, thanks to the large offer of formats. At Makuity, we do our utmost to enable you to capitalise on all the advantages of social networks to get your message across to your target audience.

    1. Social media

French web users log on, on average, 5h37 per day, 30% of which is spent on social networks. 74.4% of French web users made an online purchase in December 2020. A French person has an average of 6.8 social network accounts.

    1. Mobile first

With nearly 8 out of 10 French people owning a smartphone, the trend today is towards mobile first. Mobile phones account for 44% of the time spent on the Internet on average, i.e. 2 hours 17 minutes.

96.1% of social networks active users connect from a mobile phone.

31% of French people declare they have already bought a product on a social platform.


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The most powerful social network, with 40 million French people being monthly active users. It reaches all age groups of the population.


Ideal for conveying your brand's values, this network has 22 million monthly active users. A core target audience of 25-34 years old, mostly women.


1st professional social network, with 10.7 million monthly active users, it allows you to work on BtoB issues.


One of the leading social networks in terms of time spent per day. It has 14 million daily active users, with a core target of 12-25 years old users.


A real continuous information relay, Twitter allows users to disseminate information on the fly. It has 12.8 million monthly active users.


The network that is on the rise and brings together all the new codes of social video content consumption. With more than 11 million active users monthly, it attracts more specifically 16-26 years old.


Social platform specialising in live streaming and video games, sports, and entertainment VOD. It has 4.9 million unique visitors per month.