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Choose to combine power and optimisation of your media investments with programmatic advertising !

In just a few years, programmatic advertising has become a key lever in digital advertising purchasing strategies. A true ally for advertisers looking for performance, programmatic and RTB campaigns make it possible to respond to all types of issues: traffic KPIs (clicks, visits), conversion (lead, purchase, etc.) or engagement (video views, completion…)

Our digital experts rely on their pragmatism and pro-reactivity to respond effectively to all your challenges. With agility and the best tools on the market, we optimise all your campaigns analysing data in real time.

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Programmatic and RTB buying have been integrated into our clients’ digital strategies for 8 years now.

As a forerunner among independent agencies, we have been able to adapt to market changes by proposing innovative solutions adapted to our advertisers’ needs.

Makuity digital team is at the forefront of data-driven strategy. Like other specialised agencies, we are equipped with one of the best DSPs on the market, to ensure optimal reactivity and control of your costs. This means you have complete transparency and control over your programmatic buys.

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Work on your brand image and reputation with programmatic branding !

The use of programmatic buying (RTB) has changed. Programmatic campaigns are no longer exclusively ROI-based, as it can also be used to enhance brand awareness and image.

As a web media agency, we encourage our advertisers to try out new, more innovative formats that are less intrusive and more engaging for the user.

These new formats are proving to be branding oriented for our clients: to tell a story, provide more complete information, elicit reaction, and generate interaction with their target audience.

Programmatic allows to enhance your content with a wide range of premium, editorial and event-based formats: website wrapping, native advertising, conversational advertising, etc.

Depending on your objectives and your budget, we recommend programmatic branding as a complement to a TV campaign to increase the number of touch points with your target audience.

TV and digital complementarity allows to increase memorization of your message and to generate incremental traffic on your site.


Invest in RTB programmatic, a real ally for your local campaigns !

Makuity’s objective is to enable our clients to reach the right user, at the right time, in the right place and at the right price. This is especially important for local advertisers as the risk of churn is higher.

With local programmatic, we support you in your local digital media plans by reaching your target audience with precision, particularly through geo-planning.

We activate local programmatic on initially offline media, such as segmented TV, digital audio, and digital display.

Buy your campaigns on traditional offline media in programmatic !

Our multi-media expertise and DSP platform allows us to activate offline campaigns, such as digital audio, digital display, and digital press to reach your targets more accurately using programmatic buying.

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Via our full stack DSP, Ad serving and DMP tool, we activate and control your RTB campaigns from local to international.

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Select the formats that will meet your traffic, awareness, or engagement objectives.

Programmatic branding

Build brand awareness and image using content and engagement formats.

Digital audio

Take advantage of the rise of podcasts and live streaming to deliver your message to interested listeners.

Local programmatic

Geolocate your message delivery to reduce campaign wastage.

Programmatic display

Select DOOH panels according to your socio-demographic and geo-located targeting.